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10 famous brothels in Bangladesh I like best

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The total number of popular or register or famous brothels in Bangladesh is 14. The merchandisers, prostitutes, sex workers or prostitutes woman, who are called by their names, their job is only one. Determine the place of stay, the name of the brothel! Their profession was not legally recognized. But you must be surprised to know that, there is the legality of the brothel in Bangladesh!

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Yes, just listening. There are 14 legitimate brothels in Bangladesh. Let us know that the introduction and location of some of the famous brothels in Bangladesh.

Dowaltadiya brothel:

Daulatdia brothel of Rajbari district is one of the largest brothels in the world. There is a registered organization of prostitutes named 'Mukti Mohila Samity' in Daulatdia. According to the report of this organization, the number of prostitutes in this brothel is about 4 thousand. There are about three to four hundred chieftains or chief prostitutes. The lowest number of prostitutes in the 5 to 50 prostitutes under the leadership of these people.

The daily minimum income of these leaders or landlords is between Tk 20 and 25 thousand. Besides, the income of the landlords who have more sexy sex-worker his earning between Tk 2 and 3 lakhs. Tk is a Bangladeshi monetary unit.

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Kandapara brothel:

Kandapara brothel of Tangail is the second largest and oldest brothel in Bangladesh. The brothel is known as 'Baby stands' to the local people. The brothel established almost two centuries ago was broken in 2014. But NGO activists later made it again. According to them, many girls were born here. Their life is here. Now if they break the brothel, they will not have any place to go. This is their only one accommodation place.

Currently, the Kandapara brothel is surrounded by a wall, within it, there is a narrow alley, tin house, small grocery store, tea shop.

kandipara brothel -

Banishanta Brothel:

The position of this brothel on the west bank of Mongla port is located. it situated near the pasur river. This Banishanta brothel was established in 1954. At one time mass youth was Banishantara. The madness was among the sex workers. Now it's the extermination. They have spent their time a lot of hardships. Because of the lack of customers and river erosion. According to NGOs, the number of sex workers in Banishanta is currently 119. But sometimes this number may be increase and decreases. The number of houses 37. The rooms have 163. There is no building. all house is made of soil and bamboo. Baneshanta prostitute is divided into two parts namely Saheb Para and Kangali Para. Almost every chief prostitute of the village has one male partner.

Most of the girls are victims of cheating, they are banned Voluntary sexual muscle has been chosen by the number of girls. Sex workers say once the banishanta was a lot of fun. Now he has nothing.

Tanbazar brothel:

Once upon a time, the biggest brothel of Bangladesh was in Tanabazar of Narayanganj. The brothel was evicted 25 years ago. In 1999, this brothel was evicted. The location of the brothel was located at Kutipara near Tanbazar Park. Two access to tan bazar A Asha movie hall and a mishar movie hall beside the Noakhali textile. Working here was about four thousand prostitutes.

Gangnipar brothel:

Only two steps away from Mymensingh railway station. Come on to the huge signboard above, live from AIDS. A brothel named Nazmaa Boarding. One of the government-approved brothels is Gangnipar. It is estimated that between 20 and 25 is leaders, and have 400 to 500 of them are employed in prostitution.

Rothkhola brothels:

There are two brothels in Faridpur district headquarters. In another rathakhola residential area of a city, the other is located at the C & B Ghat area of Dikrirchar union. There are more than 4,000 prostitutes in two brothels.

rothkhola brothel -

Sandhya Bazar brothel:

The place called Sandhabazar in Dhopdighir para area of Sylhet, locally known as Pourobipani bitan. Mini brothels are located in a residential hotel here. The mosque below, the place is specially discussed as being the brothel above. That is why the brothel was evicted once it was noticed. Later they scattered around the place.

Madaripur brothel:

Madaripur brothel has been operating for a minimum of a hundred and fifty years. The brothel, based for native jute traders throughout a people colonial era, could be a cluster of moss-stained three-story brick homes and tin sheds within the middle of Madaripur, sixty kilometers from the national capital. it's legal because it dates back to before Bangladesh’s independence in 1971. This time, Pran Bazar para, Madaripur District that is on the opposite coast of Narayanganj and Munshiganj divided by Padma stream. The brothel consists of twenty-three structures, together with three buildings and concerning five hundred individuals, together with three hundred sex workers are living there.

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Raniganj brothel:

In the British period, Raniganj prostitution established in the entire landlocked place at the heart of Jamalpur district town. On the one hand, the age of this brothel has passed two hundred years, on the other hand, many of the sex workers here have lost their own charm and are living in the very moral life. The victims of this prostate of Jamalpur are constantly being subjected to various torture-threats and forced abuse. Most sex workers are currently hostage by a group of miscreants with genuine journalists named after a class merchant, police, interest-taker, unprivileged. There are currently 325 sexual workers in Raniganj brothel Of these, 270 people are able to work. The rest of the people expressed their inability to lose age and youth.

The owner of this brothel has 11 people. Sex activities are carried out in each room like a chicken bore. For each room, rent with the electricity is 120 taka per day and 3 thousand 6 hundred takas per month. The total rooms are 160. According to a private organization, Jamalpur has four hundred 'floating' and 260 girls are involved in sex work at home and different hotels.

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Prostitution in the capital of Bangladesh, Bangladesh:

Prostitutes or dealers are unfolded everywhere in the capital of Bangladesh town. They get in grips with the clients and move to the acceptable locations that also referred to as Bangladesh red light districts, discussing with the clients. Here is that the most known Red light Areas at the capital of Bangladesh / Bangladesh;

Farm gate has become the massive bazaar for the freelancers. From Ananda cinema space up to Grameen Phone workplace, a big variety of women are seen wearing burkha. Second biggest Dhaka red light is within the southern stop of the supreme court.

farmgate, Dhaka -

Different boul performers meet there and are hired for prostitution. what is more space to the International Ministry building, Kakrail bus stoppage are the place for hookers. additionally, Dhaka University, Baily street, Goachia Market, Mouchak trade, Baldha garden, and Ramna park are {the area|the world|the realm} wherever lower upper-middle-class ladies have gathered along for prostitution.

They get in grips with a telephone. within the lower abandoned class are seen Gulistan tennis and Kabadi market space, completely different slums recognized in railway property uncaring spot from Tongi to Naraygonj and different slum places. The recreational areas of DCC are grazing areas of the women. In those places, lighting is off and early within the day around the tangible chairs, several condoms or contraceptives will be seen.

Hotel/ House based mostly on prostitution in Dhaka, Bangladesh:

The famous brothels in Bangladesh like when Dhaka have a brothel, set up throughout British people conquer, were taken apart the traditional kind of prostitution. The sardarni and her girls like traditions only still be in Goalondo, Mymensingh, Fultola, Jessore, and Banishanta.

The home and hotel targeted prostitution became the common culture in the capital of Bangladesh and the whole nation still. The spouses of foreign wage earners, clothes staff, totally different nongovernmental organization, and staff either bachelors or wed for creating a lot of earnings systematically visit hotels.

In alternative places like Mirpur, DOHS, Rampura, Shewrapara, Mohammadpur everywhere capital of Bangladesh a crucial figure of people belonged to actors, model, designer rent house and keep females for activity prostitution. Book and CD marketer, attendants of the bar, club, and hotels generally work as brokers.

legal brothel of Bangladesh -

The last talk about famous brothels in Bangladesh:

I said that only registered brothels are there. There are also thousands of such brothels in the country. Which have around your's house and my house. But we can not know about this. I said that it is a dark world. So maybe our eyes do not see it. In the residential hotel, while walking along the road, prostitutes are also found in exchange for 300 Tk. If you search then you will see. The brothel is going on secretly under your flat.

Prostitution in Bangladesh is legal, but the constitution of Bangladesh says that "the state will prevent gambling and prostitution." Laws against child prostitution, forced prostitution, illegal brothels etc are prevailing in different regions of the country.

Do you think a difficult thing about sex workers?

What is the post-death ceremony of the prostitutes? famous brothels in Bangladesh?

Although there are many writings about the cruelty of the brothels, there is no written word about their post-death system. There is no headache for anyone with this issue. In almost all religions, prostitutes are banned. Their lives filled with impurity. After death, they get assassinated more than a few times more than the amount of laughter they endure!

Most prostitutes are killed by various sexually transmitted diseases. They have to die without treatment. Every person has sexual feelings towards prostitutes. There is no humanity for them. There is no history till now that someone has given a beautiful life to marry a prostitute. They have to live through various kinds of assault and humiliation.

No burial of prostitutes is buried. Janaaja prayers are not read. They are not allowed to burial in a graveyard. Milad or prayer is not done for them. Dead prostitutes are also deprived of even the forty-nine celebrations. Most of the time the soil is buried in one corner of the brothel or in the surrounding garden. According to other religions, including Traditional religion, they are not exempted. In all religions they are untouchable. After the death of the sacks, their bodies were thrown into the river!

Human rights organizations worked to call prostitutes not called "prostitutes" but called sex workers. But no one has done anything with their funeral. When will their funeral begin? When will their forty-nine event? Or organized for them? Or will they be thrown into the river and their bodies will be thrown in this way? How much more like this?

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