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16 best place to visit in Bangladesh tourist can't miss

Are you searching for the best places to visit in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is the least popular destination in the world according to the World Bank. it's a gorgeous country in South Asia bordering with the Republic of India and Burma. tourism is, however, to develop in this country. For that reason, there's no tourism-related scam here, and people are usually surprised to see tourists, particularly within the rural areas outside the capital of Bangladesh. people welcome foreigners everyplace and try to assist them in any way attainable. traveler sites aren't overcrowded here yet. In fact, you’ll realize only a few tourists here during your visit. that's why it's the best time to visit Bangladesh. Here you'll notice a listing of 16 best places to visit in the People's Republic of Bangladesh that you should not miss.

Best places to visit in Bangladesh

Creating a listing of the best places of a country is usually guaranteed to raise some discussion after you are creating the list in a specific order. Being within the tourism industry for many years and visiting each corner of the country over and over, this can be what I feel is the best places to visit in Bangladesh. Let me know within the comments if you agree or disagree with me, and have any suggestion for improvement of the list.

Overview 16 best place to visit in Bangladesh tourist can't miss
Sundarbans Mangrove Forest
Chattogram Hill Tract
Sant Martin Island 
Liberation war museum shegunbagicha, Dhaka
Mosque town Bagerhat
Lalbagh Fort, Dhaka
Kantajew Temple

01. Sundarbans Mangrove Forest

Sundarbans is that the largest mangrove forest on earth and a United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization world heritage website. Sundarbans is found in between 2 neighboring countries – Bangladesh and Republic of India. Majority of the forest is found in the People's Republic of Bangladesh. it's home of the last remaining geographic region tigers within the world and far different life. AN surrounding of Sundarbans is sedative and visiting this forest can be a once in a very period of expertise. that's why Sundarbans comes as beloved on our list of the simplest places to go to in the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

Sunderbans tour with tourist

02. Chattogram Hill-Tracts

Chattogram Hill-Tracts space could be a naturally lovely place full of lovely hills. it's home of the many social group groups of Bangladesh. this is the most effective place in Bangladesh for adventure travel. you can trek deep inside the hills for several days here if you can manage permission from the government agency. Also, you'll be able to meet completely different tribal groups in this region and see their lifestyle. the most lovely river in Bangladesh called the Sangu river is found during this area. a ship rides in Sangu during monsoon may be a good experience. chittagong hill-tracts comes as number 2 on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

chattogram hill tract
chattogram hill tract -

03. Kuakata

Kuakata is found within the southern a part of Bangladesh. The panoramic view of the sea beach and therefore the lovely traveler attractions in and spherical Kuakata makes it one of the most standard traveler destinations in Bangladesh.

The sunset and sunrise are seen in their full splendor from the wide sandy beach of Kuakata. Fatrar Chor (part of Sundarban), Gangamati Reserved Forest, Jhau Bon (forest), Keranipara Seema Temple, Misripara Buddhist Temple, and Eco Park are very hip among each domestic and foreign tourists.

04. Srimangal

Srimangal is that the tea capital of Bangladesh, placed inside the north-eastern a region of the country. You’ll realize lush tea gardens anywhere you go here. this is|this can be} often one in each of the few places within the country wherever if you shop around, you'll not notice the opposite people anywhere except you.

Srimangal tea estate -

an extremely nice and calm place. athletics through the paths inside the tea plantations here is also one in each of the most effective stuff you'll kill state. additionally, value visiting is that the Lawachhara park, and trek to Hamham waterfalls. you will be ready to simply pay a number of days here with nature. Srimangal comes as range four on our list of the most effective places to go to in the country.

05. Rangamati

Rangamti is a district of Chittagong Hill-Tracts area. the most reason to visit this place is the Kaptai Lake. it's a naturally lovely artificial lake enclosed by beautiful hills. best thing to do at Rangamati is enjoying the boat ride on the Kaptai Lake for the full day. Rangamati is also home of the many tribal groups. you'll be able to visit their handicraft market here to buy some fine quality hand-loomed fabrics. there's a Buddhist monastery referred to as Rajban Bihar that is also worth visiting. Rangamati comes as range five on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

rangamati lake
rangamati lake view -

06. Paharpur

In the north-western a part of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, there's a tiny} little place called Paharpur, that holds the most spectacular archeological site in the People's Republic of Bangladesh called Somapuri Mahabhihara, a United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization world heritage website.

it had been the second largest Buddhist monastery south of Himalaya Mountains on the eighth century. On its prime time, monks from everywhere the world used to come here for educational activity. it had been one among the simplest Buddhist monasteries within the world at that time. Paharpur comes as range 6 on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

07. St. Martin’s Island

St. Martin’s Island may be a lovely coral island of Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh. For the beach lovers, this can be the best place to visit in Bangladesh. native tourists move to visit this island mostly on each day trip. when they leave in the afternoon, it becomes extremely quiet.

saint martin island
saint martin island -

you'll stay in any resort with a personal beach, and relax on the island for a couple of days once becoming bored with traveling for many weeks within the whole country. St. Martin’s Island comes as range seven on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

08. Gaur

Gaur could be a ruined town from the traditional and medieval period, situated within the India-Bangladesh border. the town was on its prime-time during twelfth to the fourteenth century. It became the capital of the full Bengal region. it had been a really rich and wealthy town within the medieval period, that was finally abandoned due to epidemic cholera.

a number of the beautiful mosques of gaur are still remaining hidden behind the mango orchards. archeological department of Bangladesh has done some wonderful restoration work to a number of these mosques. this can be an amazing place to visit for the history lovers. gaur comes as range eight on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

09. Sylhet

Sylhet could be a naturally lovely place within the north-eastern a part of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, close to the Meghalaya state of India. it's several lovely places to visit. Green-water canal Lalakhal, stone collecting space Jaflong, Ratargul swamp forest, and plenty of-of its tea gardens are the attractions to visit Sylhet.

Ratargul Swamp Forest, Sylhet, Bangladesh -

you'll be able to additionally meet some different tribal people in Sylhet, especially in Jaflong. Here you'll be able to meet the Khasia tribal people who grow true pepper leaves within the forest. Sylhet comes as range nine on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

10. Liberation War museum, Segunbagicha , Dhaka

This museum is opened on twenty-two March 1996 and has more than 10,000 artifacts and exhibits on show within the museum. it's presently being remodeled. The museum is taken into account to be the most effective place for any country as a result of it's preserved several important things, however, this museum is selected the liberation war and tourism industry grew quickly to envision the artifacts of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

11. Barisal

Barisal may be a unique place set on the heart of Ganges River Delta. Life in Barisal is absolutely based on the stream. The main attraction to visit Barisal is to experience the unique life and culture of the people of this region. you'll be able to visit it’s several floating markets, bazaars, schools, and villages to experience the unique culture of Barisal.

Monsoon is that the best place to visit this region when it’s various rivers and canals become packed with water and nature become terribly green. additionally, it's time for the floating guava markets, that are very attractive. Barisal comes as range 11 on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

12. Puthia

Puthia may be a tiny village in Rajshahi full of beautiful Hindu temples. the largest number of historical temples in Bangla Desh are found in Puthia, a number of that are finely maintained.

These temples are unique in style. a number of them are embellished with beautiful terracotta plaques describing epic Hindu stories. this is a must visiting place if you visit Bangladesh. Puthia comes as range 12 on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

13. Mosque town Bagerhat

Bagerhat may be a town founded in the fifteenth century by a Turkish general, that was formerly called Khalifatabad. it's full of lovely historic mosques, among that sixty Dome musjid is that the most famous. This whole town is recognized as a United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization world heritage website.

sixty dome mosque bagerhat
sixty dome mosque bagerhat -

The historic town, listed by Forbes joined of the fifteen lost cities of the planet, has over fifty Islamic monuments that are found after removing the vegetation that had obscured them from reading for several centuries. Bagerhat comes as range 13 on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

14. Lalbagh fort Bangladesh

The construction of the Lalbagh fort was started in 1678 AD by Mughal Subahdar Muhammad Azam Shah of Iran the son of the emperor Aurangzeb and later emperor himself. it's an incomplete fort seventeenth century Mughal complicated in the capital of Bangladesh. The design of this fort attracts several tourists.

related: Lalbagh Fort is the most popular and renowned place in Bangladesh

15. Sonargaon

Sonargaon was the previous capital of Bengal within the medieval period. it was a mint capital beside gaur. though gone is that the heritage of the previous capital, there still are some attention-grabbing factor to pay every day in Sonargaon. the most attractive to visit Sonargaon would be the abandoned merchandiser town, Panam Nagar. built on the colonial period, this was a town of rich Hindu merchants to fled to India during a riot once the partition within the subcontinent. They meant to come back sometime, that ne'er happened. Now, this is a fully abandoned town of fifty-two homes designed on one street.

Other attractions of Sonargaon is 15th-century Goaldi mosque and therefore the Folk-arts and Crafts repository. Sonargaon comes as variety 15 on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

16. Kantajew Temple

Kantanagar Temple is commonly called Kantaji or Kantajew Temple at Kantanagar. This Hindu temple is one in all the most glorious spiritual edifices belonging to the 18th century.

The temple belongs to the popular Hindu Kanta or Krishna and this is often most well-liked with the Radha-Krishna cult in Bengal.

This lovely temple is devoted to Krishna and his wife Rukmini. designed by maharajah Pran Nath, its construction started in 1704 Ce and over during the reign of his son maharajah Ramnath in 1722 Ce.

There are around 15000 terracotta works to put in on the walls of the temple.

Along with Kantajew, you'll be able to additionally visit Archana Temple, Dinajpur Palace, Ramsagar, Mata Sagar in Dinajpur.

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